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Challenges of Faith Radio: Episodes 26 & 27

Hey friends! The next two discussions were particularly fun for me to talk about and I’m so glad that Gary & I are able to share our thoughts with you. Episode 26 covers Ms & Mr attention and this really reminded me of the love language of quality time, but also the toxic side of the spectrum. When someone wants ALL of your attention and ALL of your time, it becomes a problem. We all need healthy friendships as well as alone time. As always, it’s not my job or Gary’s to tell you what to do or tell you how to think, but really just posing some thoughts on different relationships that make you think about your own life or situation.

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We all have needs. Gary makes some great points that even though we have needs, no one ever asks for a needy person. People who constantly need others just to function drain those around them and the result is a pretty one-sided relationship.

Episode 27 covers Mr & Ms Spiritual… this has been my favorite talk thus far. As someone who doesn’t mind the term Jesus-freak and wanted to go to a Christian summer camp as a kid, I can’t help but get passionate about this topic.

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God is the top priority in my life above my family, my business, and everything else. It’s my opinion but I don’t think anyone is created to just breathe air, pump oxygenated blood through their lungs and to their body parts, go to work, eat ice cream, watch Netflix, and die. Life is so much more than just the daily activities of living. No one was just created just to do the things they do. I wouldn’t think a teacher was created to just teach– there’s so much more to it than that. Some people may argue we weren’t created, or that they aren’t created to do anything, but even outside of any religion, most philosophers agree that people don’t exist the same way animals do for a specific reason.

But I digress. This talk really focuses on creating a relationship with someone who is really spiritual (or not, OR of different faith) and really the good and the bad of creating such a connection. Gary talks about the difference between the spiritual person vs. A religious person vs. A follower of Christ and how these views impact our decisions and who we choose to form relationships with. I think it’s important to consider these factors because you are who you hang around. You can respect and be friends with people who share different beliefs, but always think about if you agree with how they live and how they treat people. That’s the most important thing because many people use religious titles who don’t actually follow the morals and standards set for them. This topic will definitely make you think!

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Episodes 26 & 27 are on many platforms– pick your favorite one below to listen (Mines right now is Spotify)!

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