Challenges of Faith Radio: Episode 25

In Episode 25, Gary and I discuss a relational topic involving “Mr and Ms Intelligent aka well informed.” I think with the younger people, we care less about appearing intelligent but there is still importance placed on image. The person who appears more professional and well-read also appears to be more successful. I touch on making sure that the basis of the relationship is not just on how intelligent the person is because it doesn’t equate to having morals, values, and standards. There are many factors to consider outside of that!

Gary touched on many facets of the mindset of Mr and Ms Intelligent. I think on one hand it is important to be able to learn from one another but also that relationships cannot be solely based on intellect. People make emotional decisions and emotions are a necessary part of communication and any genuine relationship. Finding that balance between being with someone who matches your intelligence level and being with someone who can also teach you something new is key.

What you know is more important than how much you know. Have you ever learned something that completely rocked you world and changed your future? I believe having those moments that truly create wisdom and learning opportunities have more value than knowing facts for the sake of knowing facts. Definitely something worth pondering!

Episode 25 is on many platforms– pick your favorite one below to listen !

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